YourStake @SRI30 at SRI30 Conference had one of the most crowded booths at the #SRI30 Conference last November. Maybe it was the cardboard box draped with an old Halloween costume around a computer and printer that drew people in. Maybe it was product. The center of attention looked a  like a homemade video arcade to me. Every time I walked by, Patrick Reed and Gabe Rissman were demonstrating their software to financial advisors who want to help clients evaluate and improve the environmental/social impact of their investments. Pe-register for the SRI31 conference coming this Fall to Orlando, Florida.

YouStake Portfolio Analysis

I recently got a chance to plug stocks from one of my  portfolios into the YourStake for a quick evaluation. As you can see from the graphic below, on most these actors (there are more), my portfolio has a more positive impact than average. Of course, my next steps will be to tinker around to further improve.

YourStake test portfolio

McRitchie Test Portfolio Analyzed by YourStake

YourStake has a very short “demo” of their portfolio analyzer on YouTube. Check it out.

They picked up quite a few new clients at #SRI30. Are you a financial advisor? Schedule a demo and help your clients have better impacts. This aspect of their business was new to me. I had primarily seen their online petitions.

Facilitates Engagement

To use effectively, as an individual, start by signing up. Then sync your Stake account with your brokerage account, 401(k) plan and other vehicles. Now you can sign on to various petition campaigns. For example, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act has almost $93M support. Another petition with almost $79M support asks mutual funds to demand companies they invest in to disclose what are now dark money contributions. Those are just two of many petitions.

Once petitions gain enough supporters they are taken up by champions who work with corporate managers. The champions are a large and growing group with decades of experience. Zevin Asset Management, for example, is working to represent YourStake petitioners on five issues at six companies.

You can also go on to create your own petitions. Link your petitions to any shareholder proposals you have. Another plus – you can petition companies requesting changes that would be ruled “ordinary business” by the SEC. AS shareholder proposals, the would be kept off the proxy. Petitions through YourStake face no such limitation.


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