political party of funds

Political Party of Funds

Political Party of Funds

No, you can’t find that information on CorpGov.net. But, you can at YourStake. Go there now to find out how much money the companies in your mutual fund donate to Democratic and Republican candidates.

See also YourStake.org at SRI30 Conference. Visit YourStake to see their tools to measure the impact of your investments and to petition companies to do better.

Which Funds You Invest In Can Make All the Difference

The funds you invest in can make a profound difference in our world. Throughout CorpGov.net we frequently discuss the importance of how those funds vote their proxies. That’s why we need Mutual Fund Wars Over Fees AND Proxy Votes.  That’s why we petitioned the SEC to require real-time disclosure of proxy votes in a user-friendly format, instead of the current obscure code.

We invest in ESG funds, hoping to make the world a better place but Morningstar Direct Uncovers ESG Hypocrites. We need to know how our funds vote.

We also file proposals asking companies to disclose their political spending of dark money. See, for example, Illumina 2019 Proxy Voting Guide. And, of course, we support the efforts of others, such as Newground Social Investment at Nike.

This year’s election is one of the most important in American history. Now it is time to determine the Political Party of Funds you invest with. You can do that at YourStake. Go there now.


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