Tesla Investor Briefing 2020 AGM

Tesla Investor Briefing 2020 AGM

Tesla Investor Briefing 2020 AGM. Join Investor Advocates for Social Justice, CorpGov.net, Nia Impact Capital, and Whistle Stop Capital. When: Friday, September 18, 2020 at 12 EST/9am PST.  Investor briefing for Tesla shareholders and media in advance of the upcoming Tesla AGM (September 22nd).

The webinar will provide an overview of three of the shareholder proposals going to a vote on September 22nd including proposals on:

  • Simple Majority Voting (Item 5),
  • Employee Arbitration (Item 6), and
  • Human Rights Disclosure (Item 7).

This year’s proposals raise material social and governance concerns that Tesla shareholders should consider in advance of voting their proxies. The investor briefing event is free. Register.

Tesla Investor Briefing 2020

Tesla Investor Briefing 2020 AGM Speakers

Investor Briefings: Coming Trend Bolstered by Virtual Shareholder Meetings

So far, companies are refusing to include opportunities for shareholders to chat with each other at virtual-only AGMs. Although not legally required, like holding question and answer sessions, the ability of shareholders to communicate with each other and with company representatives/employees is critical to maintain a semblance of democracy. See Chat Rooms Missing at Shareholder Meetings.

Investor pre-meetings are a positive development, regardless of what steps companies make to make virtual-only meetings more like in-person meetings. However, the more companies fail to duplicate critical opportunities for informal communications, the more likely we are to see a gathering storm of investor sponsored premeetings.


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