You Missed This Research in Sustainable Finance

You Missed This: Research in Sustainable Finance

“You Missed This” will distill this season’s sustainable finance papers. We highlight key findings and trends, including important recent work that might have been overlooked.  One digestible event for your research needs.

At the event, authors and thought leaders will present their work and answer your questions.

You Missed This: Research in Sustainable Finance

Check here for the latest list of speakers and papers covered, which will be updated as research rolls out.

You Missed This, speakers and topics include:

  • Sophie Purdom on the Latest Trends in Climate Tech VC
  • Gerard Barron, CEO, DeepGreen Metals, on Redesigning the Material Basis of Human Civilization
  • Pablo Berrutti of Stewart Investors on Why Climate Measures Don’t Make Sense and How to Fix them
  • Mark Lewis of BNP Paribas on The Future of Hydrogen and Carbon Pricing
  • Christopher Merker and Matt Orsagh of the CFA Institute on Short-termism Revisited
  • Jyoti Banerjee, Co-founder of North Star Transition, focused on accelerating systemic change. Placing a Regenerative Lens on Investment
  • Cary Krosinsky, Lecturer at Yale and Brown University on the Imperative to Work with China to Solve Climate Change. In addition, he will also discuss his ongoing work with students on climate change.



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