Email About 2FA Status

Email About 2FA Status

Email about 2FA Status was sent out automatically to subscribers on January 11th. Please accept our apology and ignore the email.

Email About 2FA Status

We installed a plug-in to require two-factor verification to modify the website. This seemed like a reasonable security measure. I had no idea it would also apply to users attempting to leave comments or to all subscribers. The automatically generated message was confusing:

The administrator of the website enforced two-factor authentication. You have before January 14, 2021 8:42 pm to enable and configure 2FA on your WordPress user XYZ.

Failing to enable 2FA within the grace period will result in a locked account. In case that happens contact the website’s administrator.

Thank you.

Email sent by WP 2FA plugin.

Email About 2FA Status: Mistakes Were Made

Yikes! That was unfriendly and confusing. It contained no clear instruction about what to do. We disabled the plug-in. No action is required by subscribers.

You will continue to receive notifications of new posts and will continue to be able to post comments. Note that comments are moderated by humans to avoid spam. They can take up to a day to be posted.

Again, apologies to any who may have received the above email about 2FA.  Please ignore.

Life in Hell

I want to acknowledge the great cartoon from Matt Groening above the post. Let me know if you disapprove of our use and we will remove immediately. However,  your Life in Hell cartoon certainly captures my feeling about an embarrasing moment in history.


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