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SHARE Investor Summit 2021: Register

SHARE Investor Summit 2021, register. This will be a fantastic virtual event, February 16-19, 2021.

Against the backdrop of the social and economic impacts of COVID-19, escalating wealth inequality, systemic racism, and the continuing climate crisis, we rise to the challenge. The SHARE Investor Summit 2021 brings together investment decision-makers and leaders to identify ways of working together to address these challenges. SHARE’s Vancouver office located on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. What other conference lays it on the line like that? Be provoked and inspired.

SHARE Investor Summit 2021: Keynote

Demond DrummerCo-founder and Executive Director of New Consensus

The global Coronavirus pandemic provides an opportunity to revitalize the economy to become more resilient to the next multi-trillion-dollar crisis headed our way – the climate crisis. The keynote will be delivered by Green New Deal architect Desmond Drummer. He will speak about systems change and the need for intersectional policies designed to address connected issues to protect the most vulnerable while building a more just and sustainable economy. Celebrate the vision we are about to make real.

SHARE Investor Summit 2021: Time for a Radical Rethink of Corporate Governance

Tom Powdrill, Head of Stewardship at PIRC, Susheela Peres da Costa, Head of Advisory at Regnan, Lenore Palladino, Associate Professor at Umass Amherst, and SHARE CEO Kevin Thomas. This panel will deal with some of the central issues.

Can we close the gap between recent high-minded statements about corporate purpose and responsibility and actual changes in how corporations are governed? Is all the talk about “stakeholder capitalism” a real opportunity to improve corporate accountability and sustainability? If so, what does that look like, and how can investors play a role? Who should have a seat at the board table? How are they held accountable? Can we measure and compensate executive performance? How much is too much? Our culture and engagement measurable, or will managers game the results?

This fast-paced “shark tank” session will invite three corporate governance leaders to propose, debate, and defend one radical but achievable rethink of corporate governance. You’ll get to vote on the idea whose time has come. Together with the audience, they’ll challenge the status quo and chart a path to more accountable and sustainable corporations.

SHARE Investor Summit 2021: Workers’ rights and risks at Amazon

Here’s another panel I’m excited about. I filed a shareholder proposal at Amazon to require board candidate pools to include a non-management employee. Then I learned that a coalition led by Oxfam, religious organizations, and state pensions filed a similar proposal. I withdrew mine and submitted a proposal to reduce the shares required to call a special meeting. now has more than 1 million employees around the world. Its growth accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which fuelled e-commerce. The vast majority of Amazon employees work in fulfillment centers and logistics operations. The company faces growing investor scrutiny over poor health and safety practices for frontline workers and its unwavering adversity towards collective bargaining – a fundamental labor right. This session will profile investors’ efforts to raise these issues with the company, including through shareholder proposals, ahead of its AGM in May 2021.

Panelists are Fredric Nyström, Head of Responsible Investment; Öhman Fonder; Gagandeep Kaur,
Organizer, Warehouse Workers Centre;’ Hugues Létourneau, Program Manager, Committee on Workers’ Capital and SHARE.

Challenging Inequality and Injustice in the Economic Recovery

COVID-19 exacerbated existing inequality.  It is increasingly clear that racial, economic, and social injustices are relevant issues for investors. The risks of deep divisions and growing inequality in our society can no longer be considered irrelevant to investment decision-making. 

The systemic risks associated with racial injustice and deeply embedded economic inequality undermine our democracies’ stability and our economies. They affect returns, elevate risks, and impact pension beneficiaries, donors, community members, educational institutions, and congregations.

Bold and transformational actions can drive meaningful changes in the economy. This session will look at how investors rise to the challenge and where the opportunities are for investors to do more. It will highlight case studies. Investors challenge inequality and injustice through a range of strategies: portfolio construction, shareholder engagement, proxy voting, and policy advocacy to address racial and economic justice and growing inequality.

That will be a great way to close a wonderful event.

SHARE Investor Summit 2021: Join Us

The above are just a few of the sessions available to those who register. SHARE investor summits are unique in my experience. They hit the main topics of the day and focus on practical solutions, not just rhetoric. Workshops and masterclasses for pension trustees, indigenous trustees, and foundations round out the program.

If you live in Canada, you will hear from fellow Canadians and others around the globe. If you are from the States, you will be blown away. When will we address issues like a Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Initiative (RRII)? I know I came back from the last SHARE Summit inspired by several transformative ideas.



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