March 20 2022 Random Thoughts

March 2 2022 Random Thoughts

March 2 2022 Random but Connected Thoughts

Severance, the new series on Apple TV where people live completely disconnected lives at work, as if in a Skinner Box.


Gaming Wall St

Those trying to rig the market through social media try to expose those trying to rig the market through financialization.

Governance journey of a Corporate Secretary

In this story, a Corporate Secretary is searching for the philosopher’s Stone for good governance. During his journey, he discovers how the method of binge governance helps him to increase his impact and visibility for the board.

Edo de Vette I’m not quite sure what to make of this. It seems a little like nudge theory, with the Corporate Secretary taking on the role of the behavioral economist. Nudge the board into making what the corporate secretary believes to be the right decision by essentially placing the board in a Skinner Box where they will learn to create a happy ending and good memories.

David Bell on Fenwick’s Corporate Governance Surveys

Evan Epstein interviews David Bell, the author of Fenwick’s corporate governance, proxy season results, and gender diversity surveys, which cover a variety of corporate governance matters and trends for the high tech and life science companies based in Silicon Valley. Lots of categorization; little judgment.

How Davos Man Devours the World

Billionaires have looted economies, hidden from tax bills, and destabilized democracies for decades. But the subset of billionaires who make a show of pretending to be good citizens is the worst among them. “Davos Man,” according to New York Times Global Economics Correspondent Peter Goodman, is devouring the world we live in.

Interesting comment near the end of the podcast about having no problem with Bezos and Musk spending billions to get into space. The fact they are returning – that is the real problem. Lots of judgment; little categorization.

Judy Samuelson on The Six New Rules of Business

In the latest episode of the DCRO Insitute, Risk Governance Podcast, David Koenig interviews Judy Samuelson, founder and executive director of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program. They discuss Market Civitas, the difference between business purpose and business goals, the origin of the license to operate that businesses enjoy, co-creation, business education, and more. It reminds me of my shareholder proposal to Apple asking them to re-incorporate with a deeper purpose than just engaging in lawful activities.

On 3/28 Judy Samuelson will be our guest speaker on Corporate Accountability Forums, where we will also ask her about her new book, Six New Rules of Business. Register.

Before discussing the new rules of business with Judy, check out what other Forum speakers have to say. On 3/7 Corey Rosen and Jack Moriarty will pitch the idea that including employees as shareholders has multiple benefits. On a similar theme, we expect that on 3/14 Leo E. Strine, Jr. will discuss the benefits of Lifting Labor’s Voice.

On 3/21 Jackie Cook will speak on the power of investors and financial markets to move the dial on pressing environmental and social challenges through the use of structured datasets from unstructured corporate and investor disclosures.

Jim McRitchie – Gadfly and Rebel With a Cause On Changing Corporate America

We discuss how growing up in a segregated, sexist, economically isolated bubble turned my world outside in.  A small group of passionate, like-minded gadflies is changing corporate America one shareholder proposal at a time. Wealth inequality has created the Skinner Box, the socially constructed world that shapes us. With the right tools, we can think outside the box and create a more salubrious world where each individual feels a sense of efficacy through their own actions as fully integrated humans. Correction: During the podcast, I said CalSTRS is a member of ICCR because I had seen them listed on page 6 of the 2022 Proxy Voting Guide. They are not members.

Explore the quirky world of Outside In, with Jon Lukonmik. More episodes with Jon if you dare.

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