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NeevaAI is another option for harnessing the power of the web through AI. ChatGPT gives me a constant busy signal. Plus, NeevaAI may actually have some advantages. Tired of our Alphabet/Google overlords, I have been trying out neevia search for a while and like it.’s days of ranking #1-5 in any search for corporate governance lasted a couple of decades but are long over. However, I like that neeva has no ads or tracking bias. From NeevaAI‘s website.

ChatGPT comes with two significant drawbacks. First, ChatGPT’s output does not include sources or references. It is impossible to determine the credibility of an answer by identifying and looking up the primary source(s). Second, ChatGPT does not retrieve real-time data or information. The model stops at 2021, making it less useful for the needs of current searches.

NeevaAI solves both of these problems. At Neeva, we are harnessing the power of AI to transform search from a game of 10 blue links to an experience that combines the best of ChatGPT with the authority and timeliness of search.

Plus, as I write this, NeeviaAI is not overloaded.

NeevaAI: Hat Tip to Evan Epstein

Evan’s latest Boardroom Governance Newsletter discusses AI, ChatGPT and Corporate Governance. Evan tested ChatGPT with questions like

  • how will AI change or impact corporate governance?
  • why is ESG so controversial in the US?
  • what would be an interesting corporate governance topic to write about in a newsletter this year?

The answers are good, if not great. I can see why OpenAI is reportedly valued at $29 billion and has been called a “Code Red” for Google’s search business. Readers should subscribe to Even’s newsletter and podcast.

NeevaAI: Two Quick Tests

Question: do advance notice bylaws favor board nominees?

Response: Advance notice bylaws generally favor board nominees as they provide the board with sufficient time to vet the board nominees, their backgrounds, and qualifications prior to the stockholder meeting.123 The Delaware Court of Chancery has also sided with the activist stockholder interpretations of advance notice bylaw provisions.3 The purpose of advance notice bylaws is to facilitate an orderly meeting and ensure that stockholders receive prior information about matters to be voted upon at the meeting.4

This answer was generated by neevaAI using the following websites:
Law firm missives trying to drum up business will probably always outweigh academic or shareholder discussions. Sure, the references include The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation. However, that post is from a law firm.

Question: which five US companies are evading the most in taxes?

The five US companies evading the most in taxes are Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer, General Electric, and Amazon.12 Apple has $181.1 billion, Microsoft holds $108.3 billion, Pfizer has $74 billion, General Electric has around $119 billion, and Amazon has not disclosed the amount.2
This answer was generated by neevaAI using the following websites:
I am thinking of filing shareholder proposals on this topic. Maybe NeevaAI can guide me to targets. However, I suspect there are still plenty of better sources, such as FACT Coalition and 247 Wall St. Still; I foresee the day when I can feed a no-action request into NeevaAI and get a decent draft response.

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