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The Handbook of Board Governance: Part 8

…Governing Small-Cap Companies I have met Adam Epstein, the author of this chapter, several times at various conferences and he has contributed to my blog through guest posts. I was really looking forward to his chapter because Epstein’s insights might…

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Directors Forum 2014: Afternoon Sessions

…well, nor for corporate counsel either. Adam Epstein Harvard Law axioms aren’t necessarily applicable. Analyzing corporate changes sought by analysts. Small-caps have lots of directors that don’t have experience. Every director often sits on every co…

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Stay Or Go

Directors Forum 2015: Part 2

…g. Recommendations can be very distracting for management. Sometimes management has outsourced too much to outside counsel. Adam Epstein Several think ISS/GL should provide copy of reports, especially when the reports/recommendations are negative….

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Corporate Directors Forum – Day 2

…l Company; director, The Tennant Company Adam Epstein, founding principal, Third Creek Advisors, LLC; lead director, OCZ Technology Group, Inc. Suzanne Hopgood, president/CEO The Hopgood Group, LLC; former crisis CEO:, director multiple public & priva…

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