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Can't Find a Photo of Reeds Board

Reeds Board: Commonsense Principles

…the Reeds Board and the shareholders of Reeds Inc. I. Reeds Board of Directors – Composition and Internal Governance a. Reeds Board: Composition Michael Fischman Directors’ loyalty should be to the shareholders and the company. A board must not be be…

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Reeds, Inc independent board?

Reeds, Inc Wants Democratic-Free Zone

…a company in need of proxy access, it is Reeds, Inc. Vote FOR. Reed’s, Inc Proxy Voting Guide: Votes Against Board Position in Bold As mentioned above, Reeds, Inc may be too small to be in the database. That also appears true of Ega…

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Reeds: Proxy Access Still Needed

…– Proxy Access for Shareholders WHEREAS, Reeds, Inc. (REED) has a great product line but sustained profitability continues to be elusive, even as revenue grows. Two out of five directors hold no stock in REED. Their pay ranges from nonexistent to mini…

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Reeds Inc (REED): Examining The Vote

…e readers noted, I put in more effort at Reeds Inc. (REED) than at many of my other holdings, proposing proxy access and writing about the problems at Reeds four times before the annual meeting, even doing a short video. My rationale is that while I a…

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Schedule 13D Filed by the Committee to Rescue Reed's

Committee to Rescue Reeds files 13D

…ctober 11, 2016, the Committee to Rescue Reeds issued a statement concerning the breakdown in its recent good-faith efforts to work with the Issuer’s Chairman of the Board and CEO, Chris Reed, to reach a mutually agreeable director slate and avoid a p…

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Reed’s – REED: Reject the Board

…ploaded this one to reflect those votes. Reeds, Inc. (REED), together with its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells natural non-alcoholic carbonated soft drinks, Kombucha, candies, and ice creams in the United States, Canada, Europ…

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The Handbook of Board Governance: Part 8

…pecially significant to me, as I examine Reeds, Inc.: Adam Epstein – The Handbook of Board Governance Company is run by a first-time CEO Has no board members with experience operating or governing a public company Each independent director sits on eve…

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Reed’s, Inc. (REED) – Proxy Score 43

…e the combination of The Vanguard Group, Inc., North Star Investment Management Corp., Tygh Capital Management, Inc., and Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management LLC to nominate just one board member. Again, the Reed’s board argues passage of the proposa…

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Take Action: Join Nader's Penny Brigade

…p.’s takeover bid for Sirius XM Holdings Inc., saying the bid was far too low. His idea for the group apparently was born after he successfully pushed Cisco Systems to boost its dividend in 2012. (I wish Nader had taken an interest in my 2013 proposal…

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Investor Forums

…o Sharegate and take a look at the posts and discussion on my potential proxy access proposal at Reeds, Inc. ($REED). Yes, it is time to move beyond the S&P 500.      …

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Reeds Inc

Reed’s Inc: Proxy Score 55

…ly. After seven years, it is time Reed’s Inc. engaged a different auditor, reporting directly to a more fully independent audit committee (although all still picked by the CEO). I voted AGAINST Reed’s Inc: Board Proposals Christopher John Reed I voted…

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Ticked Off

Ticked Off at Proxy Season

…aws say plurality. Last year’s proxy for Reeds, Inc (REED) included the following statement: In accordance with applicable law and our Bylaws, the election of directors shall be by the affirmative vote of the majority of the votes cast. For the purpos…

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Commonsense Principles of Corporate Governance. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and a group of influential leaders in business and finance have joined to develop a set of "commonsense" principles that institutional investors and governance advisers are mostly applauding. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images and used by Wahington Post)

Commonsense Principles: Ground Floor

…overnance practices are abysmal, such as Reeds, Inc (REED). It is one thing to be able to quote from policies of the Council of Institutional Investors, quite another to quote from principles agreed to by the heads of the likes of GE, BlackRock, GM an…

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Financial CHOICE Act Does Away with Shareholder Proposals

Financial CHOICE Act: Take Action

…mpact. For example, my proposal at Reeds Inc. last year was defeated but negotiations resulted in four of five directors being named for replacement prior to the annual meeting in 2016. While the founder retained his position as the CEO, the new board…

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