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The Handbook of Board Governance: Part 8

…Governing Small-Cap Companies I have met Adam Epstein, the author of this chapter, several times at various conferences and he has contributed to my blog through guest posts. I was really looking forward to his chapter because Epstein’s insights might…

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Stay Or Go

Directors Forum 2015: Part 2

…g. Recommendations can be very distracting for management. Sometimes management has outsourced too much to outside counsel. Adam Epstein Several think ISS/GL should provide copy of reports, especially when the reports/recommendations are negative….

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Directors Forum 2014: Afternoon Sessions

…well, nor for corporate counsel either. Adam Epstein Harvard Law axioms aren’t necessarily applicable. Analyzing corporate changes sought by analysts. Small-caps have lots of directors that don’t have experience. Every director often sits on every co…

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James McRitchie, Publisher of Corporate Governance (


…stitutional investors are not people. As Adam Smith said long ago, those managing other peoples’ money rarely watch over it with the same vigilance as when they watch over their own. Any movement for real change must tap into the human spirit. Why the…

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Corporate Directors Forum – Day 2

…l Company; director, The Tennant Company Adam Epstein, founding principal, Third Creek Advisors, LLC; lead director, OCZ Technology Group, Inc. Suzanne Hopgood, president/CEO The Hopgood Group, LLC; former crisis CEO:, director multiple public & priva…

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