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Kara Stein on Mutualism

Mutualism: Kara M. Stein

…vestors, available at ; Madison Marriage, “State Street asks SEC to block non-voting shares,” Financial Times (Jun. 18, 2017), available at ; Chris Diet…

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Controlled Companies Carry Negatives

…companies increasingly feel the need for dual class structures. Further discussion revealed that most (not sure about Facebook) are being structured so the dual class expires with the death of the founder. At least that’s better than carrying the lega…

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Mutli-Class Share: Say ‘no’ to dual class shares - Mak Yuen Teen and Chris Bennett

Multi-Class Share Ban: Speculation

…ic companies that are controlled using a dual-class structure, but also may impact newly public companies with “Up-C” structures, even when there is no differential voting, because public holders have a class of stock with economic and voting rights,…

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listing standards valuation-dual-class-firms

Listing Standards Requested by CII

…ecent academic research shows that while dual-class companies on average have a valuation premium at the time of IPO, that advantage dissipates between six and nine years after IPO and then disappears. “We believe seven years is sufficient time for a…

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CalPERS May Boycott Dual-Class IPOs

…ugh the courts. Increasing prevalence of dual class voting structures. The program reported they are currently developing an IPO governance strategic plan using the following tactics: Develop an IPO governance expectations document, explaining the gov…

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Costco: Proxy Advisor Contest Proposed

…e on a corporate board unless there is a dual class structure that essentially negates input by most shareowners. (see SVNACD: Red Flags of an Ethical Collapse & Alternative Proxy Voting Advice to Stem Dual Class IPOs). My biggest takeaway from th…

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July 2004

…lts of a study that compared hundreds of dual-class companies with the larger universe of single-class companies from 1994 through 2001. “What you’d really like to do is give managers a lot of economic ownership in a company, but no votes, which is th…

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Why Grow Up? between what is and what ought to be

What Ought to Be: Why Grow Up?

…y can retain complete control by issuing dual class shares where the public puts up funds but essentially has no voice. Puppet directors serving corporate kings who hold a majority of votes using different classes of stock compound income and wealth i…

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Shareholders v Stakeholders

Shareholders v Stakeholders

…through mechanisms such as preferred or dual class shares entitled to vote on specified board seats. North Dakota has a Legacy Fund, which potentially gives it a voice in corporate governance. Other states and communities should explore investment op…

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ICGN Day 2: Coverage

…rs put pressure on controlled companies? Dual class shouldn’t be banned but should cease with trigger events. Majority board independence. Cumulative voting for directors. Minority should have board representation. Stand up to board. If not enou…

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Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor: Proxy Score 53

…y possible that Ford Motor phase out its dual class share structure. Paying a little more in taxes wouldn’t hurt either. Vote AGAINST. Ford Motor: Shareholder Proposals EJ recommends FOR #5, AGAINST #6. I recommend voting FOR both proposals. Ite…

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Main Street Investors

Main Street Investors: Battle Coming

…of Income Is Way Higher than You Think) Dual-class shares, recent tax reforms and the coming robotic/AI revolution aggravate the situation. (Is Inequality in America Irreversible?) Support for both Trump and Sanders came from voters seeking to addres…

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Commonsense Principles of Corporate Governance. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and a group of influential leaders in business and finance have joined to develop a set of "commonsense" principles that institutional investors and governance advisers are mostly applauding. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images and used by Wahington Post)

Commonsense Principles: Ground Floor

…mpanies (e.g., less than $2 billion). b. Dual class voting is not a best practice. If a company has dual class voting, which sometimes is intended to protect the company from short-term behavior, the company should consider having specific sunset prov…

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Book Review: Owning Our Future

…ey will no longer serve on boards unless dual-class stock ownership structures insulate management from the irrational demands of proxy advisors and shareowners. (see SVNACD: Red Flags of an Ethical Collapse & Alternative Proxy Voting Advice to St…

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Governance Fundamentals

Governance Fundamentals: Tech

…rve bylaw formulations only in 3% of non-dual class surveyed companies, even though advisable. 79% of non-dual class surveyed companies require disclosure of derivative positions for nomination of director candidates. Proxy statements were often inacc…

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Can't Find a Photo of Reeds Board

Reeds Board: Commonsense Principles

…Reeds Board has opposed proxy access. b. Dual class voting is not a best practice. Although Reeds Inc. does not have a dual class voting structure, the Reed family owns about 26% of the company’s common stock, giving them similar control to what…

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CII Fall 2014 Conference: Part 2

…years. But there has been an increase in dual-class shares and other problematic practices. Deal size has more equalized. 2014 more frequently saw stock price also rise in second day. Increase in independent chairs but big increase in dual-class share…

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FB Facebook Proxy Vote Recommendations

…to allow one vote per share. The current dual class structure allows certain stock to have more voting power than others. Our Company took money from public shareholders but does not let us have an equal proportionate voice in the company’s management…

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