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FB Facebook Proxy Vote Recommendations

…to allow one vote per share. The current dual class structure allows certain stock to have more voting power than others. Our Company took money from public shareholders but does not let us have an equal proportionate voice in the company’s management…

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Inside the Black Box

…structures in Scandinavia. He finds that dual-class shares drive a wedge between cash-flow rights and control rights. “Firms with only on equity class are, on average, investing efficiently, whereas firms with dual-class equity structure are ove…

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McKinsey On Cooperatives

A More Cooperative Based Twitter

…r converting to a cooperative or using a dual-class share structure to facilitate greater ownership and participation in decision-making by its users and employees. To win, we need 50% or more of shares to be voted FOR. However, even a FOR vote of 3%…

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directors forum 2019

Directors Forum 2019

…later, because of issues like sunsetting dual class shares and not having frozen supermajority provisions. “Ratification” is not an acceptable response. Directors Forum 2019: Global Risk and Preparing for the Unpredictable This discussion…

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