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Corporate Directors Forum – Day 2

…heir pay more reasonable. IRRC Institute Elson and Ferrere. Powerpoint (in pdf). Daniel M. Wetzel Peer group developed through proxy information. Most look at talent as transferrable. It is the associated disclosures that drive pay because of jealousy…

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The Handbook of Board Governance: Part 5

…ew Approach Charles-M. Elson The work of Elson and Ferrere in this area is now classic, cited by many authors in the field, including on my own blog many times. This chapter or similar work by the authors should be ‘must’ reading for all directors. Th…

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Failed SOP Companies Become Targets

…of the Corporate Superstar by Charles M. Elson and Craig K. Ferrere, although the notion that talent is a competitive market is both attractive and plausible, it is highly questionable. Executive talent is not fully transferable between companies. Sch…

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3M Company

3M Company Proxy Voting Guide

…research findings and advice of Charles Elson and Craig Ferrere, Executive Superstars, Peer Groups and Overcompensation. Egan-Jones recommended against. Vote FOR. 3M Company CorpGov Recommendations Proxy Democracy was down. Proxy Insight reported on…

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What They Do With Your Money

Review: What They Do With Your Money

…pensation: Cause, Effect and Solution by Elson and Ferrere, documenting the lack of a robust market for CEOs. Like me, the authors of What They Do With Your Money offer a long list of practical solutions. Most, such as repealing IRS section 162(m), re…

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