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Broadridge Smokes Their Own Dope

The rudimentary software Broadridge offers corporations for running virtual annual meetings disenfranchises shareowners. This was on display when Symantec Corp. hosted a virtual-only annual meeting with the software in September. It was again on…

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Intel Yields on Virtual Meeting

From a IntelOurPublicStatementRegardingVirtualMeeting: “In the fall of 2009 Intel indicated it was going to attempt an experiment and hold its’ 2010 stockholders meeting entirely on the web, moving from a physical annual meeting to a virtual…

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Virtual Meetings

Shocker! More Companies Holding Virtual-Only Shareholder Meetings, I just dug out a good half-dozen companies that have conducted all-virtual annual meetings this year that I didn’t know about. Sign up for September program, Holding the…

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Symantec and Shareowner Meetings

Steven Towns summarizes action taken to date concerning Symantec’s run at a virtual-only meeting. I’m delighted that he will be working with the the US Proxy Exchange on a white paper to identify key issues and opportunities, seek…

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CorpGov Bites

Lots of news I haven’t had time to fully digest but that I find interesting. Hat tip to SIF members for sending me several of these. Charade at Symantec (USPX) On September 20, 2010, Symantec Corporation set the pathetic precedent of being…

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June 2004

American Firms Scarce at UN After going it almost alone in Iraq, with a “coalition of the willing,” both George W. Bush and John Kerry appear to recognize the need to work with the Uited Nations and broad coalitions. When will American…

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