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Review: Shareholder Democracies?

Shareholder Democracies?: Corporate Governance in Britain and Ireland before 1850 addresses a central issue. Current governance structures often allow managers to pursue their own interests. According to some, a dissemblance of democracy has led to “elitism and self-interest in the boardroom,” resulting in (more…)

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Wayback Machine: September 2006

Below is a sampling of stories covered by 5 years ago this month. After reading this list, it looks like shareowner victories five years later may have slowed slightly or is that just my imagination. One amazing parallel, the decision in AFSCME v AIG then and lifting the stay on Rule 14a-8 amendments allowing […]

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Proxy Access Goes Live!

From Broc Romanek at The SEC’s release on lifting the Rule 14a-8 stay on proxy access shareholder proposals was published in the Federal Register – so it’s now “live.”

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Wayback Machine: Ten Years Ago at

Ten years ago this month I posted a review of Monks, Robert A. G., The New Global Investors: How Shareowners Can Unlock Sustainable Prosperity Worldwide, Capstone Publishing, 2001. “His perspective is that of an aristocratic shareholder activist, not a street demonstrator against the World Trade Organization… Monks appears to believe, and I agree, that corporate control has been […]

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Archives: August 1999

Caux Round Table (CRT) to develop a Total Social Impact (TSI) system of benchmarking the social responsibility performance of corporations in terms of trust, the environment, labor standards and other critical issues. CRT to step up efforts to encourage corporations around the world to accept the Principles, train their employees in the Principles and then to […]

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