educationEducation resources in corporate governance are available primarily through university classes and conferences held by professional associations. Have a class or event coming up? Let us know and we will list it. Conversations.
Cases, references, and commentary published by and for business educators and business executives that incorporate social impact management, corporate social responsibility, and business ethics.

Classes and Research
Selected programs and classes with strong corporate governance content. Please let us know of additional education programs, classes or corporate governance centers by e-mailing James McRitchie.

Conferences & Events
Upcoming conferences in the field of corporate governance.


Who’s Running the Company: A Guide to Reporting on Corporate Governance, (pdf >75 pages) will help journalists develop clear and compelling stories that examine how a company is governed. It was produced by IFC’s Global Corporate Governance Forum in partnership with the International Center for Journalists, n organization that advances quality journalism worldwide. Topics include the media’s role reporting on corporate governance, how a board of directors functions, what financial reports reveal, and how to track down information that sheds light on a company’s performance in an informed way.

The guide may be used in part or as a whole by all users including firms and institutions in various activities, event, workshops or courses. It may be used in conjunction with profit and not for profit activities and training programs but prior approval must be obtained from IFC/Forum. Please contact the Media program manager Marjorie Pavia at


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