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You’ve entered the corporate governance library reading room. Okay, it isn’t the Library of Congress but eating is allowed in our library. Please let me know of resources that should be added to the corporate governance library. I welcome your suggestions and input.

CorpGov Libraries: Maintained by Others

CorpGov Library: Shareowner Action Handbook

We’ll try to point you to proven strategies that work.

CorpGov Library: Diversity Bibliography (download in Word)

Informal bibliography compiled by Julie Gorte of Pax World. Feel free to annotate and send back for sharing.

CorpGov Library: Corporate Governance Opening Essay

This was the front page of the Corporate Governance site until we moved to the blog format.

CorpGov Library: Corporate Governance Archives

What are the most recent posts? What was the news five, ten, fifteen and almost twenty years ago in corporate governance. What’s missing from the old days?

CorpGov Library: Papers & References

Essays created mostly during the first 14 years of (pre-blog).

CorpGov Library: What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate Governance Defined

Corporate Governance Books Online

A short list of corporate governance related books and substantial portions of such books available online. This is the free library. Please let use know of other books to add. Send us the links.

CorpGov Library: Corporate Governance Glossary

See glossaries maintained by the Stanford University School of Business, Corporate Directors Forum and Florida SBA.

Library Additions

What else should be maintained in the library? Let us know.

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