links to other websitesWe’ve scoured the Internet for sites on corporate governance and related subjects. While often the newest and most frequently visited links can be found on the blogroll, we have too many to list down that side of the page. Please recommend additional links (only those with substantial corporate governance content) and let us know if you find dead links listed below (contact: James McRitchie). If you’d like to add a link from your site to ours, please link-to-us.



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  • CREO Syndicate (“CREO”) is a 501c3 public charity founded by wealth owners and family offices with a mission to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time affecting communities across the globe – climate change and resource scarcity – by catalyzing private capital into innovative solutions to protect and preserve the environment and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy for the benefit of the public.

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Glossary of Corporate Governance Terms


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Individual Investors

Initial Public Offerings We’ve only found one model we can recommend:

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Ratings (Corporate Governance)

Warning: Not all ratings firms are created equally, nor do they use the same criteria for rating companies. Fannie Mae, for example, got a gold star (nine out of ten) when rated by Standard & Poors in late 2002 but scored below average by GovernanceMetrics. International. Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) won’t even give them a score because, as a government sponsored entity, Fannie Mae isn’t required to abide by US securities laws. S&P takes a different approach from the other two since they rate at a company’s invitation only. While this provides them with access to nonpublic information, I believe they also agree not to release certain ratings without the company’s consent.

  • Audit Integrity, purchased by GMI. “Audit Integrity proprietary modeling effectively detects and measures fraud and transparency-related risks in over 8,500 publicly traded corporations.”
  • Board Analyst, purchased by GMI. “Research shows that companies identified as High Risk by Board Analyst are nearly twice as likely to encounter problems as companies identified as Low Risk.” Among factors considered are: Board Composition, CEO Compensation, Shareholder Responsiveness, Accounting, Strategic Decision-making, Litigation & Regulatory Problems and Takeover Defenses.
  • Deminor Rating helps to bridge the corporate governance expectation gap between investors and listed companies. First European corporate governance rating agency.
  • GovernanceMetrics International (GMIRatings). Bills itself as the “world’s first global corporate governance ratings agency.” Weighs more than 600 variables, including environmental, workplace safety, and earnings management.
  • RiskMetrics Group – ISS: Governance Analytics. ISS calculates CGQs for 6,000 companies. To generate a CGQ, ISS analysts gather data on more than 61 criteria in the following categories: board, charter/bylaws, compensation, state of incorporation, executive and director compensation, qualitative factors, stock ownership, and director education. Launched in June 2002, information is primarily gathered from SEC filings.
  • Moody’s Investors Service is overhauling the corporate governance assessment in its existing ratings. The firm hired Kenneth Bertsch to serve as director of corporate governance, a position he held at TIAA-CREF.
  • Open Compliance and Ethics Group, a nonprofit focused on providing universal guidelines (benchmarks) for integrated compliance and ethics programs.
  • S&P Global. Find ESG Score.

Relational Investors

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Risk Assessment

Shareowner Action

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Socially Responsible Business/Investments

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Whistle Blowing

Women and Corporate Governance

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