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cartoon: I'm not required to do so, but I disclose companies whose stock I own.


…efect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of record, whether for breach of contract tortious behavior, negligence or under any other cau…

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Current Holdings 2020 adds BP

Current Holdings 2020

…, DIS, HAIN, MAXR, MBII, NFLX, NTLA, PINS, SQ, VTIQ, XLNX. BP was the most difficult buy for me. I felt burned by BP before with their PR campaign, beyond petroleum. With Jeff Ubben’s involvement, I am hopeful he will push them into transition mode. S…

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Kara Stein on Mutualism

Mutualism: Kara M. Stein

…eholders, and its employees work together, companies tend to be more resilient and prosperous. In turn, this benefits companies, their corporate stakeholders, and the economy as a whole. Today’s corporations influence and impact our society in a multi…

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SEC Release S7-23-19 Comments Due Today

SEC Release Comments Due Today

…d without the shareholder’s authorization, does the fact that the representative is able to provide this documentation sufficiently demonstrate the principal-agent relationship and/or the shareholder’s role in the shareholder-proposal process? Is the…

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Q&A on Client Directed Voting

…itutional investors, proxy advisory firms, compensation consultants etc. The Open Proposal will improve the accountability of all these agents to the principals, by empowering retail investors with better information and voting tools. Drawbacks: The L…

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Facebook: Proxy Score 0

…ormed the NASDAQ over the most recent one, two, and five year periods. The MSCI GMIAnalyst report I reviewed gave Amazon an overall grade of ‘F.’ According to the report: The company has not disclosed specific, quantifiable performance target objectiv…

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File No. S7-23-19: By the Numbers - Source ISS

File No. S7-23-19 by the Questions

…d without the shareholder’s authorization, does the fact that the representative is able to provide this documentation sufficiently demonstrate the principal-agent relationship and/or the shareholder’s role in the shareholder-proposal process? Is the…

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July 2009 News Archives

…vers, domain, and also its risk. Secondly, companies are also looking at audit committee members with relevant skill sets.” (Has the Satyam scandal changed corporate governance in India?, The Economic Times, 7/31/09) Better Governance Narrows Spreads…

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Salesforce Proxy Voting Guide Proxy Voting Guide

…ve that key Board committees namely Audit, Compensation, and Nominating Committees should be comprised solely of Independent outside directors for sound corporate governance practice. I agree on all these but am not quite ready to automatically vote a…

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Amazon: Proxy Score 60

…ing to the Corporate Secretary of, Inc., at, Inc., 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, Washington 98109, and must be received by 6:00 p.m., Pacific Time, on Saturday, December 26, 2015. The submission of a shareholder proposal does…

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Archives: September 2006

…for companies in emerging markets was 4.3, compared to an average rating ranged from 6 to 7. Only two emerging market companies -Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Gold Fields Ltd. of South Africa – rated above average at 7.5. The country with…

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Alarm 2020 2020 Declassify Board

…long-term value: Vote FOR both directors, Pay, Elect Each Director Annually, End Supermajority Requirements. Vote AGAINST Auditor. See list of all virtual-only meetings maintained by ISS. Be sure to vote by 6/2 to have your vote count. Voting at the…

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October 2008

…tinized. Paul Hodgson said that in the UK, companies need to justify severance provision that go beyond twelve months and severance shouldn’t include any long-term items like stock options grants because they won’t be there to impact the company’s per…

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…g is June 9, 6 AM Pacific Time. To attend, vote, and submit questions during the Annual Meeting visit here. You will need the 16-digit control number provided on your proxy card or voting instruction form. Warning: You will need to obtain a legal prox…

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Archives: June 2000

…oyment, industrial relations, environment, competition, taxation, science and technology. A chapter on disclosure will be revised to ensure conformity with the Principles of Corporate Governance. Revisions are expected to be the most extensive since 1…

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…. Unlike Rule 14a-8 shareholder proposals, is not bound by restrictions as to what questions shareholders can pose to companies, such as those outlined in the graphic below. Goes Live on What Question to Ask Tesla Tesla’s next quarterl…

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Archives: August 2006

…human genetic composition in fine detail, computers have allowed businesses to chart skills inventories, mapping the DNA of their workforce. One of the biggest hurdles is establishing a common language to describe skills, experience, jobs, and compet…

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February 2007

…nchmark had a standard deviation of 19.5%, compared with 18.5% for the unconstrained FTSE All Emerging index, the staff memo explained. From April 2002 through December 2006, the CalPERS benchmark returned 22.8% on an annualized basis, 2.9 percentage…

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Archives: August 2000

…percent in the three years ended June 30, compared with a return of 71 percent for the 500. He’s leaving Lens to concentrate on moving nonprofits endowments to become active shareholders. Nell Minow, who joined Institutional Shareholder Services as g…

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June 2002

…it said was the media’s “right to expose, comment, criticize, and monitor negative phenomena in society”–as long as the reporting is accurate. (see Wielding a Double-Edged Sword, Far Eastern Economic Review, issue dated 6/20) Technology Trends The fo…

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