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Archives: November 2008

…more than what they actually need.” The compliance committee should strive for the spirit of obedience to the law, especially in small matters for “small errors or faults are always easier to remedy or rectify than bigger ones.” At bottom, Sison emph…

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In Celebration of

…tly!) using this advice through 64 “Letters to Management” sent by Moxy Vote readers 275,000 signatures, in aggregate, on the Letters to Management More than numbers, Moxy Vote began to change our vision of the corporation. They helped mo…

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ICGN Day 2: Coverage

…er, Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company, USA. – Says hedge funds bigger than private equity. Asked: What do you fear? Anything that would restrict short selling. Omar Asali Omar Asali, Harbinger Capital Partners, USA. – Discussed several case…

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File No. S7-23-19: By the Numbers - Source ISS

File No. S7-23-19 by the Questions

…over time? There are some helpful tools coming online. Today, social media drives public opinion, and changes it daily. Companies that fail to engage often regret it, just as many regret not engaging with activist investors. Most are familiar with Fa…

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August 2002

…eadline The results are in, and 16 of the 691 companies required to certify their financial statements with the SEC by August 14 failed to comply. (The rest must certify by December). Delinquent companies include: ACT Manufacturing, Adams Resources &…

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Archives: March 2000

…r the direction and oversight of a board committee completely independent of management and knowledgeable about executive compensation. Global standards are “are important to encourage investments in countries and companies in a global economy where g…

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Archives: November 2000

…ADRs. $259 million PSLRA Settlement at 3Com 3Com Corporation has agreed to pay $259 million to settle a securities class action filed by the Louisiana School Employees’ Retirement System and the Louisiana Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System…

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July 2008

…nts to Be the “Delaware of the Net,”, 6/30/08) Dennis Johnson, Director of Corporate Governance, will be leaving CalPERS to become Managing Director of Shamrock Activist Value Fund. He also intends on stepping down from the post as Chair of th…

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September 2004

…tions also appear to pay off. CEOs of the 69 companies that sponsored this summer’s Democratic and Republican National Conventions saw their pay jump 52% in 2003, far outpacing the 9% raise for the average large company CEO. Similarly, the 38 CEOs who…

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January 2005

…ush for the right to nominate directors, company by company. In 2005 we will be focusing on nominating rights, excessive pay, ignored majority votes, and insular boards that continue to show a lack of director accountability to shareholders.” AFSCME s…

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Archives: September 1999

…any proxy at company expense. (see Kenneth Bertch, Director of Corporate Governance, explains why TIAA-CREF is taking on dead hand poison pills in September’sDirectorship. These pills (which…

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Archives: January 2001

…that “good corporate governance gives US companies competitive advantage” in global competition. In conjunction with her work with the OECD/World Bank Private Sector Advisory Group she has compared the corporate governance systems of about 35 nations….

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Archives: June 2000

…th their typical investment objectives. Dotcom Investors Flip Shareholders keep their GE stock for an average 3.5 years, Microsoft for 3.5 months and Yahoo! for 3.5 days, according toGlenn Pascall, senior fellow at the Institute for Public Policy and…

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Corporate Governance Books Online

…nce? (The Mcgraw-Hill What Is) by John Colley, Wallace Stettinius, Jacqueline Doyle, George Logan Additional free books from, The Online Books Page – Digital Library Project, List of Links for FREE Online Books. You can search inside many…

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October 2003

…lar to Apria Healthcare (see, 6/24/03). By the votes, at least we could get a feel if it is worth putting together a 1% group the following year. A second relative obscure point I hope members will join me in opposing is language in th…

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…BA, which own shares in thousands and thousands of companies. Those reporting or advocating on MoxyVote and tend to be smaller, like Calvert Investors or Investors Against Genocide. However, MoxyVote has the distinct advantage…

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Archives: August 2009

…hips between director candidates and the company, company executives, and in the case of candidates nominated by shareowners, the nominating shareowners… Once shareowners have full information about relationships between all nominees—including board-n…

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True Shareholder Democracy

True Shareholder Democracy: NYTimes

…will-drive-public-opinion-and-proxy-voting-to-reflect-american-values/ http://www.cor…

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