Research How Funds Voted

Research How Funds VotedResearch how funds voted before voting your own proxies.  You can eventually begin to vote with your trusted “brands.”

Funds Announcing in Advance of Annual Meetings

A growing number of funds announce their proxy votes in advance of corporate meetings. In a petition, I urge the SEC to require this of all funds. (Rulemaking Petition for Real-Time Disclosure of Proxy Votes, SEC File 4-748, Jul. 9, 2019) Please add your support by following the instructions at the end of Mutual Fund Wars Over Fees AND Proxy Votes. These funds are not ashamed of how they voted.

Research How Funds Voted: Proxy Democracy

Proxy Democracy used to aggregate votes announced in advance into a grid. Unfortunately, the site is in need of repair. I am hoping to help raise the funds to get it restarted under a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Want to help? Contact me.

Research How Funds Voted: Commercial Resources

TProxy Insighthe best source I have found for locating votes announced before annual meetings is Proxy Insight, a subscription service. If you really want to know who is voting how… or even who is likely to vote one way or another based on the historical record, Proxy Insight has the best data I have found.

In the past, you could hire Fund Votes to analyze a specific set of proxy votes. Jackie Cook sold her database to Morningstar and is doing some fantastic research for them. Here are a few samples:

She often works with Jon Hale, so search his name to find more of her research.


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