Stakeholders, as used here, refers to our primary reference groups, those who contribute regularly to our “vocabulary of meaning.” Organizations and publications listed below are leading authorities in explaining movements and motives in the field. We make every attempt to work cooperatively with them and with our readers in our effort to bring you timely information on the most critical issues in corporate governance. When contacting our stakeholders, we would appreciate it if you would let them know you found them at Many additional resources can be found on our Links page.

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Boardroom INSIDER The monthly online newsletter for better boards and better directors. Since 1997, Ralph Ward’s Boardroom INSIDER, has tapped the world’s most seasoned directors and governance pros to give you a powerful boardroom mentor. Every issue deals with the real-world concerns that directors urgently ask about. You’ll read every word.

Business Ethics is an online magazine with a strong heritage in the fields of ethics, governance, corporate responsibility and socially responsible investing. Now available only on the web, Business Ethics was launched in 1987 and published for 20 years as a quarterly print magazine. The mission of Business Ethics – now, as then – is “to promote ethical business practices, to serve that growing community of professionals and individuals striving to work and invest in responsible ways.” Michael is the Editor and also serves as the Executive Director of the Open Media and Information Companies Initiative – Open MIC – a non-profit organization working to promote an open and diverse media environment through market-based solutions. Committed to providing practical and responsible guidance in the area of executive compensation in several forms – through an annual Conference, extensive resources available on their web site and in issues of Compensation Standards. To support their mission, an Executive Compensation Task Force – consisting of the top 75+ “thought leaders” in the area of executive compensation – contribute practice pointers and practical guidance. Their web site is a “one stop” resource for information about responsible executive compensation practices. The Editors of are Broc Romanek and Dave Lynn, both former SEC attorneys and Editors of Jesse Brill serves as the Chair of

The Conference Board’s Governance Center brings together a distinguished group of senior corporate executives from leading world-class companies and influential institutional investors in a non-adversarial setting. In small groups of prominent senior executives, all discussions are confidential, enabling a free-flowing exchange of ideas and effective networking. This highly unique forum allows industry leaders to debate, develop, and advance innovative governance practices, and to drive landmark research in corporate governance.

The Conference Board Review The Conference Board magazine of ideas and opinion. “We get ahead of (and behind) the headlines, exploring serious matters in a lively, even irreverent fashion. We concentrate on leading-edge issues and explore them in depth-before they become the common currency of mass-circulation business magazines.” An insiders view of business aimed primarily at senior executives.

The Corporate Board: The Journal of Corporate Governance Contains a wide variety of articles of general interest to board members including interviews, news, books, quotes, and the results of recent board elections. The chairmen and CEOs of hundreds of large corporations provide The Corporate Board to their boards of directors and senior officers across the U.S. and in 27 foreign countries.

Corporate Board Member Leading information resource for senior officers and directors of publicly traded corporations, large private companies, and Global 1000 firms. This bimonthly provides readers with decision-making tools to deal with the corporate governance challenges confronting their boards. Corporate Board Member further extends its governance leadership through an online resource center, conferences, director training programs, roundtables, and timely research. They claim to maintain the most comprehensive, up-to-date database of directors and officers serving on boards of publicly traded companies listed with the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Stock Market, and American Stock Exchange.

The Corporate Counsel Following the long-standing tradition of The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive, is an educational service that provides practical guidance on legal issues involving corporate and securities regulation. is a community-based website with contributions from a variety of sources, such as panelists on monthly webcast programs and subject-matter experts in our weekly interviews. In our opinion, it is the best source for news on the SEC and other regulatory actions. Ten Good Reasons To Try The Editors are Broc Romanek and Dave Lynn and the Associate Editors are Julie Hoffman and Linda DeMelis, who are assisted by Jesse Brill, Mike Gettelman, and Alan Dye, among many others at Executive Press. We also have an informal advisory board, which provides additional expertise and wisdom to assist us to develop our community.

Corporate Governance: An International Review Wiley. The Review is the only journal to take a truly international perspective on issues and developments in the theory and practice of the governance of public and private companies, subsidiary and associate companies, entities in strategic alliances, family firms, government enterprises and not-for-profit professional practice articles and case studies also discuss practical experiences in the field.

CR: Corporate Responsibility Magazine is published by 3BL Association to help corporate responsibility and sustainability professionals build momentum for why sustainability matters to everyone in their business.

Council of Institutional Investors A nonprofit association of public, union and corporate pension funds with combined assets that exceed $3 trillion. Member funds are major long-term shareowners with a duty to protect the retirement assets of millions of American workers. The Council strives to educate its members, policymakers and the public about good corporate governance, shareowner rights and related investment issues, and to advocate on its members’ behalf.

Directors & Boards Directors & Boards, founded in 1976, is a quarterly journal specializing in provocative analyses of corporate board composition and practices. Publishes an annual Directors Yearbook listing the year’s new board appointments which includes a year-in-review set of articles. Readers are at the very pinnacle of business — board chairmen, CEOs and members of senior management, corporate board members, and board advisers.

Directorship NACD Directorship is the official publication of the National Association of Corporate Directors. In addition, Directorship produces director education conferences, peer-exchange programs, newsletters, webcasts, the Boardroom Guide series, and conducts landmark custom research on a variety of boardroom topics. Check out their blog, NACD BoardTalk.

Ethical Corporation An independent company providing competitive intelligence for business sustainability. They publish the leading CSR business magazine. Their conferences are widely recognised as the best in the field of corporate responsibility. Ethical Corporation’s Intelligence reports are case study focused and highly commended. The largest online archive of corporate responsibility information worldwide.

Georgeson & Company The oldest and largest proxy solicitation and investor relations firm. Staff is involved in proxy solicitation, governance consulting and various security holder analytical services. Less than 30% of shareholders vote in response to initial proxy distributions.

Global Proxy Watch. A premier source of inside information about key governance developments worldwide. It’s an indispensable resource for leading shareowner activists and experts in more than a dozen countries.

Governance is a monthly newsletter on international issues of corporate governance, shareholder activism and boardroom performance. Articles are succinct, practical and often written by practitioners in the field.

Green Money Journal “Responsibility from the Supermarket to the Stockmarket.” Cliff Feigenbaum’s GreenMoney Journal encourages and promotes the awareness of socially & environmentally responsible business, investing and consumer resources in publications & online. Their goal is to educate and empower individuals and businesses to make informed financial decisions through aligning personal, corporate and financial principles.

ISS covers approximately 44,000 meetings in 115 countries yearly, delivering proxy research and vote recommendations while working closely with clients to execute more than 10.2 million ballots representing 4.2 trillion shares.

International Journal of Disclosure and Governance The International Journal of Disclosure and Governance is a quarterly publication devoted exclusively to discussion and analysis of the most significant issues in corporate governance and the effective disclosure of information. The journal publishes in-depth analysis on some of the most controversial and pressing issues facing those who manage other people’s wealth, and provides guidance on how to comply with increasingly stringent regulations. Articles are written by some of the world’s leading experts, including those within the industry, as well as leading consultants, regulators and academics. The journal is guided by its internationally renowned editors and an eminent and international editorial board.

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility For nearly 40 years the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) has been a leader of the corporate social responsibility movement. ICCR’s membership is an association of 275 faith-based institutional investors, including national denominations, religious communities, pension funds, foundations, hospital corporations, economic development funds, asset management companies, colleges, and unions. ICCR and its members press companies to be socially and environmentally responsible. Each year ICCR member institutional investors sponsor over 200-300 shareholder resolutions.

Cross-Border Publishing Publishers of IR magazine and Corporate Secretary, essential reading for executives around the world.

National Association of Corporate Directors NACD is the only national organization devoted exclusively to providing information and board-level education regarding corporate governance issues. Their publication Director’s Monthly provides a wide range of articles of broad and specialized interest.

National Center for Employee Ownership NCEO serves as the leading source of information on employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and other forms of employee ownership.

Pensions & Investments Crain Communications, Inc #1 newspaper for institutional investing, money management, and corporate governance.

PIRC Alerts – Pensions Investment Research Consultants Ltd Weekly electronic newsletter from the UKs’ leading independent research and advisory consultancy providing services to institutional investors on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. PPIRC Alerts provide a weekly roundup of current corporate governance, proxy voting issues and corporate social responsibility issues. Electronic delivery only.

Proxy Democracy (temporarily offline) provides tools to help investors overcome informational hurdles and use their voting power to produce positive changes in the companies they own. They help shareowners vote their shares by publicizing the intended votes of institutional investors with a track record of shareholder engagement. They also help mutual fund investors understand the voting records of leading funds, making it possible to purchase funds that represent their interests and pressure those that don’t. ProxyDemocracy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan project supported by foundations that are themselves interested in being responsible investors.

Ralph Ward’s Boardroom Insider Ralph Ward is the author of the 21st Century Corporate Board and the editor of the Corporate Board: The Journal of Corporate Governance.

Social Investment Forum National nonprofit membership association dedicated to promoting the concept and practice of socially and environmentally responsible investing. The Forum is comprised of more than 500 financial professionals and institutions, including financial professionals, institutions, researchers, foundations, community development organizations and public educators. Forum members support SRI through portfolio selection analysis, shareholder advocacy and community investing.

Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals Provides up-to-date news and information on a variety of topics of interest to members. In addition to reporting on Society activities, it is designed to give corporate secretaries information regarding current regulatory, legislative and other developments, as well as a brief description of matters affecting the performance of their responsibilities.

The Value Alliance Provides summaries of up to date news, information and perspectives on issues in value and corporate governance. Published by Eleanor Bloxham, pioneer of economic value management & author of Economic Value Management, and John M. Nash, founder and President Emeritus of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Virtus InterPress Corporate Board: role, duties and composition is a journal devoted to the problems in the corporate board practices appearing as a result of both well-known “separation of ownership and control” problem and new ones such as overcompensation of directors, lack of accountability, weak social responsibility. Corporate Ownership and Control, reflects the oldest issue of corporate governance, separation of ownership and control. is a nonprofit nonpartisan public interest project for improving voter information and elected leader accountability in the world’s organizations — governments, corporations, unions, nonprofits etc. See also the VoterMedia Finance Blog and VoterMedia Democracy Blog.

When contacting the above organizations, we would appreciate it if you would let them know you found them at, the Corporate Governance site. Please send your corrections and additions to:  James McRitchie, Publisher


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