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Video Friday: MyShares App Available

The “MyShares” App is a must have for shareholders, IR departments and consultancy firms of publicly listed companies across Europe and the US. Browse through the latest key corporate documents relating to the Annual / Extraordinary general meetings of listed companies across main indices. (more…)

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Myshares App Aimed at Retail Shareholders

Guest Post: Miguel Carrasco – Managing Director and proxy solicitation consultant at Proxycensus Ltd specializing in issues relating to information transmittal, social media technology in IR and the technicalities of the cross border voting process. He is also a member of the ICGN, ECGI, CoF and the Investor Relations Society. (more…)

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Voting by Phone in Corporate Elections

Maybe the app will be renamed iVote. Companies who want to encourage shareholders to vote on corporate resolutions publicized in proxy statements can do so next year, by allowing them to cast votes on their iPads, iPhones, Blackberries, Android or other smart handheld devices. Broadridge Financial Solutions said that it will make its ProxyVote.com software […]

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