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Governance is More than Skin Deep!

In a recent Forbes article entitled Warren Buffett, And His Board, May be Too Old to Run Berkshire Hathaway, Francine McKenna makes the case for both greater vigilance by Berkshire investors (including the author) and a different concept of corporate governance. Ms. McKenna may well be right as to her ultimate conclusion, although Berkshire’s performance […]

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How I Voted: Berkshire Hathaway & Scripps Networks Interactive

I found no advance voting recommendations or advocates regarding Berkshire Hathaway from either ProxyDemocracy.org or MoxyVote.com.  No items were on the proxy other than election of directors. There seems to be a slight glitch on MoxyVote.com, since it only appeared to allow voting in favor of all director candidates or withholding. That wan’t a problem […]

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