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CalPERS Makes History @ Nabors

CalPERS-logoCalPERS today announced that the System’s shareowner proposal at Nabors Industries $NBR recommending that the company change its proxy voting methodologies passed with the support of a majority of shares voted. CalPERS sought the changes to ensure equality and fairness in the manner in which Nabors counts votes cast on proxy proposals at its annual shareowner meeting.

Said Anne Simpson, CalPERS Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of Global Governance: Continue Reading →

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CalPERS Urges Nabors to Exclude Broker Non-Votes

NBRCalPERS-logoCalPERS filed a notice of exempt solicitation (PX14A6G) and urged shareholders to vote for a proposal asking the company to amend their bylaws to exclude broker non-votes when tabulating proxy votes at the 2014 AGM of Nabors Industries (NBR). I don’t personally own stock in NBR but the issue is an important one, so it is good to see CalPERS raising it at this high visibility company. Continue Reading →

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