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Dr. Richard LeBlanc

Video Friday: Richard Leblanc on Proxy Access & CIRI 2015

Watch Dr. Richard Leblanc talk about Proxy Access for boards and how it could be a corporate governance game-changer. CCGC has endorsed proxy access. Dr. Richard LeBlanc discusses democracy in corporate governance. Proxy access is the corporate governance game changer. Business organizations have pushed back but some companies have voluntarily adopted it. “This is the […]

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Directors Responsibilities In Canada

Video Friday: Directors Responsibilities in Canada

Leaders from Osler and the Institute of Corporate Directors discuss the evolution of corporate governance and the release of Directors Responsibilities in Canada – a guide to understanding and fulfilling director responsibilities. Although written for Canada, it has general applicability worldwide. After the video, I suggest a couple of additional books. (more…)

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Women on Boards opinion by country

Women on Corporate Boards: Global Trends for Promoting Diversity

We last explored the topic of gender diversity on boards, in particular the underrepresentation of women on them, late in 2012, but much has happened globally on the subject since then. More companies have adopted regulation on the issue that range from “comply-or-explain” rules to quotas for the percentage of women on boards. A 2014 Grant Thornton […]

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Technology at the Top, the Changes Made in the Boardroom

Guest post from Amanda Biggs, web manager and governance writer. By participating in the expansion of the Leading Boards portal for boards of directors, she has specialized on issues concerning the arrival of technology inside the boardroom. All through the last decade new technology solutions and tools have moved from being non-existent to becoming a […]

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IRRCi Award Winners Announced

Two seminal research papers have won the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute’s (IRRCi) prestigious annual researchcompetition focused on the interaction of the real economy with investment theory. One research paper highlights the financial market’s ability to learn the value of corporate governance, and the second explores evolving fiduciary responsibilities resulting from the need for long-term value creation. IRRCi Chair Linda […]

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Reasonable Compensation: We Propose a Role for Investors in Taking on the Income Inequality Challenge

The following is a guest post by Michelle de Cordova, Director, Corporate Engagement & Public Policy, NEI Investments. The article originally appeared on the NEI Investments website and is reproduced here with permission from both the author and the firm. NEI Investments (NEI) is a mutual fund company that “makes excellent, independent portfolio managers accessible to Canadian retail investors through […]

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Canadian Key Proxy Vote Survey

While the majority of shareholders continue to vote with management, a growing number of shareowners are giving more care and attention to how they vote, with several key votes in 2012 registering 20% or more of shareowners voting against management recommendations. (more…)

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Shareholder Democracy Summit Coming to Toronto: Blank Vote Issue

The Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries announces the Shareholder Democracy Summit ─ a Canadian first. CSCS has invited key stakeholders to gather this coming fall on October 24 and 25 in Toronto for an important national summit on shareholder democracy. CSCS President Lynn Beauregard announced today that invitations to register for the Shareholder Democracy Summit […]

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Canadian Pensions Fail to Provide Proxy Voting Direction

The Shareholder Association for Research and Education’s (SHARE) ninth annual Key Proxy Vote Survey found that a substantial proportion of investment managers (71%) say they vote most of their pension fund clients’ proxies at their own discretion, without instructions or guidance from their clients. “We saw a 10% decrease this year in the number of […]

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