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Shareholder-Driven Stakeholderism

Shareholder-Driven Stakeholderism

Shareholder-Driven Stakeholderism (U of Chicago) by Cathy Hwang and Yaron Nili argues the Business Roundtable Statement of the Purpose of a Corporation should be seen as another way to entrench management, instead of disarming greedy profit-driven shareholders. Analysis of data, drawn from companies in the S&P 1500, found shareholders, not management, “have been the driving force behind […]

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Proxy Access at Bank of America May 8th

Re opposition to John Harrington’s proxy access proposal at Bank of America ($BAC), based on language that I helped develop.  For background, see Bank of America (BAC) Faces Proxy Access on May 8th. I hope opponents will reconsider. From one analysis recommending a vote against: While this amount ($660 million) is significant in absolute terms, shareholders may have […]

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