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Earning It: Lublin @ Corporate Directors Forum

Earning It: Introductory Notes

Joann Lublin gave the opening keynote at the recent  Corporate Directors Forum 2018 in San Diego. She spoke largely about her new book, Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing Women at the Top of the Business World. This year the Forum had an overall theme, “How Culture Impacts the Boardroom and Beyond.” Corporate culture is the hot topic, especially after the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Culture as a Corporate Asset, and within that umbrella topic nothing is more timely than women and diversity. Continue Reading →

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Directors Forum 2018: Best Stakeholder Interactions

Directors Forum 2018: Directors, Management & Shareholders in Dialogue brings together investors, directors and management to engage in open, off-the-record dialogue about today’s pressing governance issues. Speakers will put a spotlight on the escalating impact of “corporate culture” on business success.

Hosted by Corporate Directors Forum, Directors Forum 2018 will be held on January 21-23, 2018 at the University of San Diego.  It is designed to encourage interaction between attendees and the nation’s leading corporate governance authorities. Continue Reading →

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Trump & Directors Forum 2017

TrumpDirectors Forum 2017 met in San Diego just 2 days into the Trump Administration. It was anyone’s guess what would happen to Dodd Frank, regulations, tax code, healthcare, etc. We heard from political affairs experts. Closing in on three months later, you be the judge. They had good insights but there is much to come. This is Part 6 and the last of my coverage of @corpdirforum, which was billed as Directors, Management, & Shareholders in Dialogue. I hope to see you at the next Forum in 2018. Continue Reading →

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Are We Paying CEOs Too Much?

Are we paying CEOs too much? Is the Pope Catholic? (That’s my own bad joke, not from the panelists.)

Executive compensation is front and center on the minds of shareholders, regulators—and politicians. What IS pay? What IS performance? What are the right time frames for measuring performance? And what to do about the perception that pay is not tied to performance?

I was less interested in our “perception” that pay is not tied to performance and more interested in the reality, where such discrepancies exist.

Are We Paying CEOs Too Much?

Are We Paying CEOs Too Much?

Are We Paying CEOs Too Much? is Part 5 of my coverage of the Corporate Directors Forum 2017 in San Diego @corpdirforum, which was billed as Directors, Management, & Shareholders in Dialogue. I was also hoping to learn more about President Donald J. Trump and how his administration might impact corporate governance. More about that in a future post. See Part I, Part 2Part 3 and Part 4. As usual, the Directors Forum was under Chatham House Rule, so I’m mostly just posting a few observations and my reflections that I hope readers will find interesting.Much better photos from the professional photographer at Directors Forum 2017 Photo Slide Show Continue Reading →

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