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Dan Boxer discusses why founders cede control

Founders Cede Control to Independent Boards: Why?

After founders have raised funds from friends and family, and in some cases, angels, the next round of capital is likely to come from professional investors, usually venture capital (VC). Unless the demand for an investment opportunity is so great as to allow the founders to dictate the terms, it is likely that VC investment […]

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Worth Reading

The Deal Magazine’s Guide to Corporate Governance provides a great introduction to the subject, divided into bite-sized segments. What Berle and Means have wrought – “a complete guide to the corporate governance complex of attorneys, dealmakers, academics, judges and politicians.” Attorneys – Here the focus is on Ira Millstein and Marty Lipton at the opposite […]

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Cognitive Bias

With much of the low hanging fruit of “best practices” already agreed upon and institutionalized, Dan Boxer who is an Adjunct Professor of  governance, ethics and social responsibility and co-chairs the Governance Symposium at the University of Maine Law School, is among those turning more attention to behavioral science impacts on corporate board decision making […]

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