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Runaway Management Discussion

Runaway Management: SVDX/Rock Center Event

It was another great jointly sponsored event at Stanford Law on April 16, 2015 – this one on runaway management teams. As noted in the promo for the event: Board membership is difficult enough these days, even when the relationship between board and management functions well. But when faced with runaway management teams, the situation […]

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TK Kerstetter

Video Friday: Board Education & Kerstetter Moves On

For his last show, five-year host, TK Kerstetter, reminisces with Scott Cutler about the key moments of the show and introduces the new hosts who will carry the torch forward. Kerstetter had a great run with lots of interviews with interesting people in corporate governance. Now, apparently, he looks forward to going back to being […]

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The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

On January 14th I attended another great event at the Rock Center for Corporate Governance. It was a dialogue between Professor Dan Siciliano, Faculty Director of the Rock Center and Brad Stone, author of The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon. There was plenty of opportunity for audience participation… many getting in two questions. […]

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Video Friday: SVDX Upcoming Event – Got Technology Chops?

If you don’t speak Geek, you’re not a competent director. Have you heard of “Big Data,” but aren’t sure what it really means (or how much it has to do with your industry)? Do you keep seeing articles about cyber-security, but couldn’t describe the difference between SQL-injection and a brute-force (hacking) attack, if your life […]

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