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CalPERS Votes Against Pay

CalPERS Votes Against Pay at 1,195 Firms

CalPERS Votes Against Pay at More Companies Than Ever CalPERS votes against pay at 53% of companies during 2019 proxy season, truly setting an example with regard to stewardship around executive pay. That is up from 43% last year. I would be interested in an update of last year’s graphic (S&P 500 only, as above) […]

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Are We Paying CEOs Too Much?

Are We Paying CEOs Too Much?

Are we paying CEOs too much? Is the Pope Catholic? (That’s my own bad joke, not from the panelists.) Executive compensation is front and center on the minds of shareholders, regulators—and politicians. What IS pay? What IS performance? What are the right time frames for measuring performance? And what to do about the perception that […]

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Equilar GDI - gender parity

Equilar GDI: Board Gender Parity 2055

The new Equilar GDI (Gender Diversity Index) found it will take nearly 40 years for Russell 3000 boards of directors to reach gender parity. If the current rate of growth remains the same, Russell 3000 boards would reach 50% male and 50% female representation in Q4 2055. Diversity Forum I urge readers 5/10 join CalPERS […]

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3D Joins Equilar Diversity Network

3D Moves to Equilar – Diversity Benefits

3D Moves to Equilar. The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) and the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) today announced the Diverse Director DataSource (3D) will now be available through the Equilar Diversity Network. The new partnership marks an exciting milestone for the 3D, a database the two pension funds jointly developed in 2011. 3D […]

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Replacing Board Members - Elephant In The Room

Video Friday: Replacing Board Members

As I reported in Replacing Board Members: The Elephant in the Room, SVDX and Stanford University’s Rock Center put on another great event last week that just about packed the house! These events are always top notch. A few nibbles and coffee or tea for breakfast, excellent company and a great program — what more could you want on third […]

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Replacing Board Members

Replacing Board Members: The Elephant in the Room

Finally, an SVDX/Rock Center event that just about packed the house! I’ve complained frequently that people, especially students from nearby universities, are missing out on these excellent programs. Attendees still looked mostly like directors to me. If students ever show up in large numbers, we’ll have to move to an arena or stadium. I’m not […]

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