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Boardroom Insider

Ralph Ward’s Boardroom INSIDER, August 2010 edition, offers boards quick analysis and advice on what they should be doing now with regard to the Dodd-Frank Act. While no one in business likes more regulation, Dodd-Frank should be no new Sarbanes-Oxley. On its governance provisions, at least, there’s a sense that the law isn’t trying to […]

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SEC Creates New Mailboxes for Dodd-Frank Rulemakings

With an agenda full of mandated studies and rulemaking related to the Dodd-Frank Act, the SEC is trying a new approach to obtaining public input: Inviting public comment on a number of topics even before they get started through a number of e-mail boxes. Staff will also “try to meet with any interested parties who […]

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Dodd-Frank Webinar

President Obama just signed into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (Time/CNN coverage). The Act contains a number of governance-related provisions that will affect all U.S. public companies—and their boards, and is likely to increase the influence of shareowners in corporate governance matters almost immediately. The NACD and Weil, […]

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Dodd-Frank, End of Middle Class & Clownfish

I’m off reading the SEC Concept Release on the U.S. Proxy System, aka proxy plumbing, so no time to cover news. Be sure to download Mark Latham’s helpful Table of Contents with page numbers in doc or pdf format. Broc Romanek has all the coverage of the Dodd-Frank bill that I need… although it will be a while […]

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