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LinkedIn: Connecting to Profits

Social network LinkedIn has reached more than 100 million users and released some surprising facts, including which companies are most connected to the site… Dominic Jones says Campbell Soup is a standout. Here is an old-economy company among other most connected companies, which include Cisco, Amazon, eBay, Apple, Cisco and EMC. Venture Beat reportedon a […]

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The Annual Meeting: From Gloss to Dialogue

Directors & Boards ran an important series of articles in its 1st quarter 2011 magazine on Fixing the Annual Meeting. Some excellent ideas are put forward, especially if we parse out the thoughtful from the conventional. (Link through the Shareholderforum to a compilation of most of the articles cited below from Directors & Boards and […]

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PotashCorp wants you to “Like” its pay disclosures

PotashCorp (TSE, NYSE:POT) is tackling the touchy topic of executive pay with a web-based communication campaign that includes a shareholder survey, a series of videos, and pay disclosures you can easily tweet or Like on Facebook. The Canadian company, which voluntarily adopted an annual say-on-pay vote two years ago, yesterday announced the availability of a […]

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Just How Clever Are Directors on Pay Issue?

Interesting post from Dominic Jones, brilliant author of the IR Web Report, who wonders if directors fumbled, given that so many three year Say When on Pay proposals are being voted down. Or did directors intentionally channel investor anger “towards the less important of the two say-on-pay proposals.” Such a diversionary tactic gives “a window-dressing opportunity […]

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Best Practices for IR Websites

Q4 Web Systems, which provides content management software and tools for IR and corporate websites, has compiled a free compendium of best practices from a wide range of companies around the world as a resource for IR departments seeking to improve their online presence. Unlike what you typically get from a vendor whitepaper, Q4’s best […]

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His Lips Are Moving: Deception During Conference Calls

Back in July I posted a question on Compiled Audio/Video Files of Conference Calls: Does anyone know of a resource that contains video and audio files for company conference calls, annual meetings, etc.? I was following up on the potential next phase Stanford University researchers could take in their study of lying CEOs, Detecting Deceptive Discussions in […]

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