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Stockholder Engagement: Cooperation, Confrontation or Tacit Standoff?

Companies, and in particular boards, can no longer rely on ad hoc interaction with proxy advisory firms to “check the box” on stockholder engagement on governance issues. This SVDX/Rock Center panel addressed the evolving landscape of stockholder communications in light of increased profiles of institutional governance departments. What are best practices for board and company engagement with stockholders? How can the company proactively think about topics of particular attention, such as proxy access, board diversity and tenure, exclusive forum bylaws, director nominations/elections and executive compensation?

Stockholder engagement

Stockholder Engagement: Paul DeNicola, John Kispert, Kim Le, Aeisha Mastagni, Ed Batts

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Lost in Translation: Directors & Cyber-Risks



Cyber-Risk Forum as Advertised by SVDX

Directors aren’t chief technology officers (CTOs): What is the “right” level of inquiry and diligence when it comes to cyber-threats? Where will boards be held responsible for cyber-failures, and what can they do to protect their shareholders and themselves from frivolous suits? What did the Target board fail to do that the Wyndham board did so well? The panel includes active public company board members, a corporate governance expert steeped in the ethos of Silicon Valley and a renowned cyber-liability insurance expert. The program will be both practical and interactive. Continue Reading →

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