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A More Cooperative Based Twitter

On or before May 22, shareowners of Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) have a chance to vote FOR proposal #4, requesting a report on converting the ownership structure of Twitter to a cooperative or other more democratic form of governance.

Twitter has been critical to those involved in the struggle for democracy but could be even more effective in bringing us all together as a more cooperatively owned and governed company.

We want to save Twitter as a vital utility for news, media, and social movements worldwide.

An investment in Twitter on November 4, 2013 has earned -56%, while the same investment in the Nasdaq has earned +56%. With Twitter’s stock price declining, we believe Twitter can sell at least a portion of itself to its users and/or employees and could create a more exciting company with broad-based ownership and accountability. Continue Reading →

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Concerned Shareholders of Reeds, Inc. Formed

Concerned Shareholders of Reeds: Ready to Join?

Concerned Shareholders of Reeds: Ready to Join? (video from 2013, before current campaign)

Concerned Shareholders of Reeds: Formed

The Concerned Shareholders of Reeds, Inc., led by Edwin R. Lozano, today announced formation of a committee to rescue Reeds, Inc. The committee delivered an open letter to Reeds Founder/CEO/Chairman and the Reeds Board of Directors expressing significant concerns with the company’s poor financial performance, problematic corporate Governance practices and weak oversight. The Concerned Shareholders of Reeds believe immediate and meaningful change is required to ensure Reeds is being run in a manner consistent with the best interests of all shareholders. Although leaving open the possibility of negotiating with the Board, having been initially rebuffed, the letter indicates the Concerned Shareholders of Reeds, Inc. intends to commence a proxy contest by nominating a slate of highly qualified director candidates for the 2016 Annual Meeting. 

Concerned Shareholders of Reeds: Breadsticks Anyone?

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CEO Pay Ratios: Do Employees Care?

CEO Pay Ratios - Larges GapsCEO Pay Ratios: Mandated Reporting Approaches

Starting fiscal years beginning in January, companies must disclose CEO pay ratios to the median compensation of their employees. Companies have flexibility with regard to sampling and other methodologies, according to how the SEC has interpreted the Dodd-Frank Act. In preparation, PayScale and Equilar surveyed employee sentiment on CEO pay ratios.

CEO Pay Ratios: Employees Surveyed

Do employees know what their CEO earns? If so, do they think it’s fair? If they believe it’s not fair, does it negatively affect their perception of their employer? And, finally, does CEO pay have any effect on the ability of a company to retain its employees? Additionally, they asked some CEOs to weigh in with their thoughts on the SEC rule and their approach to employee communication as it pertains to executive pay.

Equilar provided pay data for some of the the highest-paid CEOs in the U.S. and PayScale provided median worker pay data for those same companies. They then calculated the CEO pay ratios between the CEO at each company and their employees. Many CEOs do receive substantial stock/option grants and perks as part of their compensation, but the firms don’t currently have similar data available for employees, so they looked solely at cash compensation to calculate ratios for this report. However, they did provide the Equilar data on Total CEO Pay as well, so that it’s clear how much of each CEO’s pay is in the form of cash vs. stock/options/perks. Continue Reading →

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Participative Leadership: Information Sharing Crucial

Trust Participative Information SharingA supervisor solicits ideas and suggestions from workers, hears them out even when disagreeing with them, and uses suggestions from the group in making decisions. All well and good, but, given the natural human resistance to yield decision-making, how is the group likely to respond to such initiatives?

With little change at first, but, once past a certain threshold, with considerably improved performance, according to new research involving some 770 workers and 220 supervisors at three different companies. Continue Reading →

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Video Friday: Market Basket Capitalism + Labor Day Addendum

Market Basket disputeMarket Basket demonstrations and boycotts have Robert Reich wondering, are we seeing The Rebirth of Stakeholder Capitalism?

In recent weeks, the managers, employees, and customers of a New England chain of supermarkets called “Market Basket” have joined together to oppose the board of director’s decision earlier in the year to oust the chain’s popular chief executive, Arthur T. Demoulas…
Arthur T. viewed the company as a joint enterprise from which everyone should benefit, not just shareholders. Which is why the board fired him.

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Take Action: Quick Bites on Corporate Governance – Tell Me More

RalphNaderThe BBC reports Activist Ralph Nader wants you to get paid. Apparently, our Take Action: Join Nader’s Penny Brigade didn’t take hold.

BBC CAPITAL: This year, you’ve taken steps to get the Penny Brigade idea off the ground. You want 15 to 20 advocates for good company behaviour to provide setting-up costs for a watchdog foundation, right? You have personally pledged 1% of your net worth, or roughly $50,000, in each of the next three years. What are your next steps? Continue Reading →

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Wal-Mart (WMT) to be Hit on Black Friday

As Black Friday nears, Wal-Mart ($WMT) workers and community supporters are beginning 1,000 nationwide non-violent protests leading up to and on Black Friday, including strikes, rallies, flash mobs, direct action and other efforts to inform customers about the illegal actions that Wal-Mart has been taking against its workers.  As part of the protests, Wal-Mart workers walked off the job Tuesday morning in Pico Rivera, just outside Los Angeles, in protest against the company’s attempts to silence workers who speak out for better jobs. In October, the workers in Pico Rivera were the first group of Wal-Mart associates to go Continue Reading →

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