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Apple Shareholders Rejected Real Proxy Access

Apple Shareholders Rejected Real Proxy AccessApple shareholders rejected real proxy access at their meeting on February 25, 2016. Maybe shareholders thought they already have it. Recent decisions by the SEC could lead shareholders to believe proxy access was “substantially implemented.”

Maybe they wanted to support Apple’s management while the company is under attack from the FBI.  

ISS recommended a “For” vote. Shouldn’t that have guaranteed passage?

We probably won’t know for months which Apple shareholders rejected real proxy access… and maybe that’s the key point.

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Activist Hedge Funds Policing Wall Street

Hedge Funds Policing Wall StreetThis is one of a many part series from the Council of Institutional Investors Fall 2015 Conference in Boston. This part of the program dealt with hedge funds and policing Wall Street. Sorry for the delay in posting but other tasks keep intervening. Keep in mind, I generally am not quoting speakers. Instead, I’m providing my reaction. Sometimes there can be a big difference.

Please feel free to post corrections, counterpoints and additional relevant material on the activist hedge funds and policing Wall Street, using the site’s comment feature. I find these two topics at an interesting juxtaposition. The graphic at right was created by Victor Juhasz for Rolling Stone’s Looting the Pension FundsFind more posts from the conference on this site or Twitter by searching #CIIFall2015. Continue Reading →

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