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UK Law Commission

Video Friday: UK Law Commission Clarifies Fiduciary Duty?

The UK Law Commission’s final 2014 report and guidance on fiduciary duty: The Review identified widespread concern about how fiduciary duties were interpreted in the context of investment.  In particular, some stakeholders felt: it was not clear who in the investment chain was subject to fiduciary duties and what those duties were; their fiduciary duties […]

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Organize for Corporate Accountability

I think it was Dina Medland who got many of us in the #corpgov Twitter world, tweeting cartoons on Sunday (#cartoonsunday). These tweets and retweets get ‘read’ far more than most of our actual work-related efforts, certainly more than mine. Thankfully, they offer a quick distraction and usually a hint of insight on the weekend when most […]

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Review: Economic Governance Matters

Does Economic Governance Matter?: Governance Institutions and Outcomes edited by Mehmet Ugur and David Sunderland. The answer is an unqualified yes! More questionable is if citizens can shape governance to be more efficient to society as a whole. It does not require immense imagination to see that technically-feasible economic outcomes may remain socially-unfeasible if the […]

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