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Committee to Rescue Reed's - Room for More Shareholders

Committee to Rescue Reed’s: Proxy Vote

The Committee to Rescue Reed’s declares victory and states how members intend to vote their proxies. With the annual meeting now set for November 29, I will post a more detailed analysis of the proxy by tomorrow. I have already received a number of inquiries from those asking how I will vote. Advice to me? […]

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Directors&Boards: Digital Advisors & Knowledge Capture

Directors&Boards is one of our “stakeholders.” No, that doesn’t mean they own part of us or that we own part of them and it doesn’t mean we always agree with each other. But they are included in our primary reference groups, those who contribute regularly to our “vocabulary of meaning.” The current edition begins to address […]

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Slight Shift Away from Independent Directors in India

Quality independent directors are hard to find today. Ask Azim Premji. India’s third-largest IT company, Wipro, is about to join the horde of companies violating Sebi norms by keeping independent directors beyond the suggested nine-year maximum tenure. After the Storm: The Unregulated Effect of a Corporate Governance Crisis (more…)

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