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Increased Disclosure Needed for Open-Market Repurchases

Insider Trading via the Corporation, by Jesse M. Fried of the Harvard Law School, examines the regulations applicable to U.S. firms trading in their own shares and puts forward a proposal for reform that I hope will be recommended to the SEC by the SEC Investor Advisory Committee (SECIAC), along with other recommendations I made in this June post, If […]

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Insider Trading: Two Perspectives

Contrasting opinions from Marty Robins, attorney and adjunct law professor at Northwestern University School of Law and DePaul University College of Law, as well as a frequent commentator on Corpgov.net. As a retail investor, I’m told that I should be happy about the Rajaratnam conviction on various charges related to insider trading activity. The prosecutor […]

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Buffett Needs to Tighten Up

What is galling about Buffett’s stance is not the recitation of facts, but the way they were spun to make Sokol’s actions look benign. “Dave’s purchases were made before he had discussed Lubrizol with me and with no knowledge of how I might react to his idea,” he writes. “In addition, of course, he did […]

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Senators Make the Best Investors

A 2004 study of the results of stock trading by United States Senators during the 1990s found that that Senators on average beat the market by 12% a year. In sharp contrast, U.S. households on average underperformed the market by 1.4% a year and even corporate insiders on average beat the market by only about […]

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