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Fiduciary Duty to Announce Votes (Part 3): Take Action


Take Action: Ask your mutual fund, pension fund, and/or endowment to:

  1. Send you a copy of their proxy voting policies and their proxy voting record.
  2. Report their votes in advance of annual shareholder meetings to ProxyDemocracy.org.  
  3. Make a small donation (not tax deductible) to ProxyDemocracy.org to keep that valuable service going or contact Andy Eggers to make a tax-deductible contribution through their 501(3) affiliate. I’ll match donations up to $2,000 until the end of June.

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Using Sharegate: The Next Great Shareholder Communications Platform

sharegateOne way to use Sharegate is to announce your proxy votes. Far too many retail shareowners just trash their proxies instead of using them. A common misconception is that shareowners should take the Wall Street Walk and sell if they are displeased with any aspect of a company they own. That is like saying you should pack up and move out of the neighborhood if you think there should be a stop sign at the end of the block.  Continue Reading →

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The Esoteric Investor: Alternative Investments for Global Macro Investors

This book has nothing to do with corporate governance. I spent a couple of hours reading hoping to find a few possible investments to help me keep CorpGov.net going. Unfortunately, I found very little.

The book only really reviews three areas: demographics, fish (focusing on tuna) and water. The demographics was somewhat interesting but not much new for me except for the discussion of various derivatives and reverse equity transactions. One interesting graph showed the relationship between peak spending in the US and the DJIA. By that measure, it looks like the market will start picking up again around 2018… so, there should be lots of buying opportunities between now and then.

The tuna section was much longer and less interesting. Yes, I agree. Fishing resources are diminishing quickly, consumption of seafood is way up, 90% of the big fish are gone and a third of the ocean is in collapse. I didn’t see much in the way of opportunities in that section for the Continue Reading →

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