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Normalized Deception

Normalized Deception: Spectrem Group

Normalized deception in the world of politics has spread to proxy voting controversies. A recent white(wash) paper by the Spectrem Group purports to be “providing a voice to retail investors on the proxy advisory industry” by employing a ham-handed survey, which seeks to “educate” respondents through leading questions. The report’s catchy title is Exile of […]

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Upcoming Proxy Access Votes

Loren Steffy, of the Houston Chronicle, and Sean Quinn, of the ISS Governance Institute, had recent posts about proxy access and upcoming votes. At Hewlett Packard a shareholder access proposal was withdrawn after the company agreed to sponsor a (more…)

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What if a Proxy Access Candidate Isn't Qualified?

Keith Bishop begins to address at least one of the issues raised by J.W. Verret (Defending Against Shareholder Proxy Access: Delaware’s Future Reviewing Company Defenses in the Era of Dodd-Frank) but in a much more positive manner. What happens when a shareholder nominates someone who doesn’t meet the qualification requirements of the bylaws?… One approach […]

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