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Global Stewardship at Work: CalSTRS

Global Stewardship at Work report Issued by CalSTRS

Global Stewardship at Work report Issued by CalSTRS

The Global Stewardship at Work report, its 2015—16 sustainability report. was released by the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS). This is the third year the system published the report, which is based on the Global Reporting Initiative G4 Guidelines.

In 2015, CalSTRS became the first U.S. public pension plan to issue a sustainability report that met the GRI guidelines. And this year, CalSTRS continues to report sustainability-focused disclosures that adhere to the GRI performance metrics. The Global Stewardship at Work report also features detailed reporting of material topics that were prioritized based on feedback from stakeholder surveys, including responses from CalSTRS members, employees, special interest groups, and industry/business partners. Continue Reading →

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#ICGN16: Part 2


#ICGN16 was held in San Francisco, June 27-29, the annual meeting of the International Corporate Governance Network#ICGN16 was the hashtag for tweeting at the meeting, so check Twitter for additional posts to #ICGN16. This is a continuation of a few of my rough notes from the conference. Accuracy for details isn’t one of my noted strengths, so I’m tempted to say the post is for ‘entertainment purposes’ only but I do hope readers will get some sense of the proceedings. View Part 1 of #ICGN16

#ICGN16: Remarks of Jack Ehnes

Jack EhnesCalPERS and CalSTRS hosted #ICGN16. Unfortunately, I could only spend a short time at the ICGN Conference this year. I did hear one speech from Jack Ehnes, Chief Executive Officer, CalSTRS, paying tribute to his counterpart at CalPERS. Anne Stausboll had been CEO of CalPERS since January 2009 and was/is very committed to sustainable investment. She serves as the chair of the Ceres Board, was one of the drafters of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and served on its original governing board. I’m sure there were many other well deserved tributes to her throughout #ICGN16. I hope she will continue to be involved after her retirement from CalPERS at the end of June. Continue Reading →

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My Notes from Ceres Conference 2013

Let’s just label these notes as “for entertainment purposes only.” Attending the conference was a real pleasure. Unfortunately, I was too busy catching up with people to take more than impressionistic notes at a few of the discussions. Prepare to be frightened about global climate change and our irresponsibly slow pace addressing the catastrophic consequences we are already beginning to see all around us. Save April 30 and May 1 for Ceres Conference 2014 in Boston. Continue Reading →

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Securing Fund Assets: AM Sessions

Disclaimer: These are my notes from the conference of mostly California pension funds. I’m not a very quick note taker, so I have a tendency to fill in the “gaps” with relevant material from the Internet and with my own interpretation of what where I think the speaker was going. These notes are basically a small part of a more than 15 year diary mostly written for my own future reference. Of course, I try to be accurate but this is a blog. I don’t have the fact checkers and other resources of publications like the New

Carolyn Widener

York Times. On the other hand, I’d like to think that I sometimes bring additional insights to bear on the subject… sometimes more than the average reporter… although that may be delusional on my part.

The subject of the 1st day of the LA Pension Fund Trustees Roundup 2011 conference was, Pension Fund Strategies for Securing Fund Assets. After introduction and welcoming remarks from Carolyn Widener of the LA Trustees Network, we heard from Mike Musaraca of Blue Wolf Capital.

Why We Need to Organize to Secure Fund Assets: Mike Musaraca

Musaraca reminded us of the shocking income gap between rich and poor in America, with the hollowing out of the middle class. Retirement trustees are often at the center of the debate trying to ensure retirement security and a decent standard of living for beneficiaries. A crucial component is how well trustees grow and protect our funds.

Mike Musaraca

As a result of lack of regulation and failure to enforce what regulations we did have under Bush and Greenspan, as well as preverse compensation incentives, we are now drowning in a sea of toxic assets. But 2008 was not the first crisis in recent times but was part of a pattern. Huge pools of capital have an enormous impact on capital markets and the economy. We need to ensure against future market failures.

The current drive to eliminate collective bargaining… Continue Reading →

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