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Take Action on SEC Nominations

Join Occupy the SEC in Urging the President and the Senate to Appoint a Progressive as SEC Commissioner. Click here to send your message. My message was generated from California, thus the addressees. July 11, 2015 Dear President Obama: Dear Senator Boxer: Dear Senator Feinstein: Petition for Progressive SEC Nominations (more…)

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Giant Stirs: Fidelity Backs an Environmental Proxy Proposal

Four Fidelity funds recently backed an environmentalist proxy proposal for the first time on record, Ceres research found. Even though the votes cast by Fidelity funds at MGM Mirage Fidelity’s usual abstentions on shareholder environmental proposals, it is a start. Reuthers (Fidelity records first ‘green’ proxy votes, 10/9/10) goes on to note: Ceres found that like Fidelity, […]

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