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Electronic Arts 2023 Ratification of Termination Pay

Electronic Arts 2023: Ratification of Termination Pay

Electronic Arts 2023. Ratification of Termination Pay is just one of several issues to be voted on before or during the annual meeting on August 10, 2023, at 2:00 pm Pacific Time. Attend the annual meeting online. Vote AGAINST all directors except Kofi Bruce; Against pay, auditor; FOR proposal #5 Require Termination Pay Ratification. (more…)

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Woodward 2021

Woodward 2021: Empower Workers

Woodward 2021 annual meeting is January 27th, 8AM Mountain Standard Time. Shareholders need to register in advance (by 3PM MST on 1/25/21) to attend the virtual meeting. Register at the bottom of this page. You cannot cut and paste your 12 or 16 digit control number.  You must enter it twice, along with some other […]

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Costco 2020 Proxy

Costco 2020 Proxy: How I Voted

Costco 2020 annual meeting is January 22nd. To enhance long-term value: Vote AGAINST Charles T. Munger, Auditor, and “True Diversity” Board Policy; FOR Director Removal Without Cause. Unfortunately, the meeting is virtual-only, instead of hybrid, so shareholders cannot meet each other, the directors or management. The board/management can also screen out any comments or criticisms. (more…)

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