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Lawndale Files 13D: Willbros Group

willbros group

Lawndale Calls for Improved Governance at Willbros Group

Willbros Group – In a filing with the SEC on September 12, 2016, Mill Valley, California-based Lawndale Capital Management, LLC and its affiliates (“Lawndale”) filed a form 13D in Willbros Group (NYSE: WG), reflecting 5% ownership and calling for improvements in the company’s corporate governance policies and board composition.

Included in this 13D filing (linked below) is Item 4 “Purpose of Transaction,” describing Lawndale’s request that the Willbros’ Articles and By-laws be amended as follows: Continue Reading →

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Equal Energy Sale – Proxy Vote 50

Andrew Shapiro on Equal Energy

Andrew Shapiro

Guest Post: Andrew Shapiro is Founder, President and Portfolio Manager of Lawndale Capital Management, an investment advisor that has managed activist hedge funds focused on small- and micro-cap companies for over 21 years, one of the longest periods of experience deploying an activist/relational investment strategy today.

The following is a press release from Lawndale. I am an investor on one of the affiliates. I’ve added votes disclosed on ProxyDemocracy and some observations from a recent GMIAnalyst report.   Continue Reading →

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Upcoming Vote: Sparton

Sparton will hold its annual meeting in Schaumberg IL on October 27, 2010. Proposals to be voted on include two that further improve Sparton’s corporate governance to best practices as follows:

  • Proposal #3 includes the adoption of a Majority Voting standard for election of directors, and
  • Proposal #4 includes the de-classifying (de-staggering) of Sparton’s board where all directors will be elected annually for 1 year terms, starting in 2011.

Lawndale Capital Management, Sparton’s largest shareholder, will be voting FOR both of these good governance proposals. Both deserve the support of all shareowners. (Disclosure: Publisher James McRitchie is an investor in Diamond A Investors L.P., a group member with Lawndale Capital Management Inc.)

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