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Say on Pay May Lead to Closer Examination of Deductability

Don’t ignore the Wall Street protesters (Investment News, 10/17/2011) Unlikely as it is that the Occupy Wall Street agenda (whatever that turns out to be) will be adopted wholesale by Congress, advisers can be sure that the group’s intensive illumination of stratospheric executive compensation and bank bailouts will translate into a public mood more conducive […]

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Video Friday: Say-On-Pay Lawsuits, Crazy? + Daily Show Bonus

This Week in the Boardroom: 7/14/11 TK Kerstetter, President, Corporate Board Member; Scott Cutler, Executive Vice President, NYSE Euronext; and Stephen Lamb, Partner, Paul Weiss discuss the fact that losing a say-on-pay vote increases the likelihood of a shareowner lawsuit. See also Frivolous Say on Pay Lawsuits: Another Unintended Consequence. This seems like a no-brainer to me. Over […]

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The Race Out of Delaware

Whether a race to the top or a race to the bottom, Delaware has long been the leading “brand” in attracting incorporations. However, researchers John Armour, Bernard Black and Brian Cheffins now find that over the past decade the proportion of corporate suits involving Delaware public companies filed in Delaware has dropped markedly. Since one […]

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CorpGov Bites

TheCorporateCouncil.net posted a transcript of a recent Webcast on the SEC’s new Proxy Disclosure requirement. Like always, they do an excellent job of sorting out issues for those getting into the weeds. RMG reports “The wave of new federal securities lawsuits related to the global credit crisis has finally subsided, down 7-24% depending on whose data […]

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