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Richard Bookstaber

CII: Richard Bookstaber – Dynamic Risk Models

Richard Bookstaber: Human Complexity and the Financial Markets Richard Bookstaber discusses value at risk modeling — easily the most illuminating talk at #CIIFall2017. It was certainly statistics aimed at the layperson. However, in listening to him, I was glad I completed by PhD comprehensive in statistics 35 years ago.  I scribbled a few notes. Although I can’t […]

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Modeling Black Swans

GMI Ratings has long maintained that the increasing frequency of Black Swan events in capital markets will continue to challenge traditional approaches to risk modeling and portfolio management. For at least the past two decades, doubts have been mounting about the ability of classical economic theories and portfolio management philosophies to reliably describe, explain or […]

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$50 Prize for Help With Statistical Modeling

Krassimir Kostadinov, who writes the blog My 2 cents tips, is now offering $50 in a contest to those offering the best advice to improve his paper, Modeling Responsible Investment with Extreme Value Mathematics in the Context of Modern Portfolio Theory. Finally, something productive you (more…)

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