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Video Friday: Jonathan Macey on The Death of Corporate Reputation

Brendan Byrnes of Motley Fool interviews Jonathan Macey, Yale University’s Sam Harris Professor of Corporate Law, Corporate Finance and Securities Law. Jonathan has authored several books on corporations and the law. His most recent work is The Death of Corporate Reputation: How Integrity Has Been Destroyed on Wall Street (Applied Corporate Finance). (more…)

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Corpgov Bites

When I started posting in 1995 I could come home from work, do a quick search on Alta Vista (before google) and read everything posted on corporate governance in a few minutes. Now searching “corporate governance” brings up 34 million results and 200 “personal results,” which looks like posts from people in my google+ circle. […]

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Companies with Best Corporate Governance

As consumers increasingly clamor for companies to embrace social responsibility, good corporate citizenship is fast becoming a vital part of any business or stock’s success. Corporate Responsibility magazine recently released its “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list, in which it rated members of the Russell 1000 large-cap index on more than 300 different elements related to […]

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Shareowners Speak Louder in 2011

Passive or apathetic investors, take vote [note] : Now your votes  have actually begun to mean something. More so than ever, shareholders can truly feel like they’re part owners of public companies. That makes now the perfect time for a push for better corporate governance policies. As it turns out, large institutional shareholders are striking […]

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Investment Clubs as Active Ownership Funds

Calgary, of course, has more than oil and tar sands. The Calgary Herald recently carried an interesting article on investment clubs. (New breed of Investment club goes big, 7/4/10) Traditionally, investment clubs have up to about 12 people who meet over lunch or dinner for as much a social function as for investing. As those […]

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