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Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.: Proxy Vote

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. provides bio-based pest management and plant health products primarily for agricultural and water markets in the United States and internationally. Without changes, Marrone Bio is likely to continue to lag the Nasdaq, as it has done for the last one, two and five year time periods. While the Nasdaq has gone up over 100% in the last five years, Marrone Bio has gone down over 90%. Proxy access could make our board more directly accountable to shareholders.

The annual meeting that was supposed to be held in 2017 is set for January 31, 2018 in Davis, California. There is very little data available though my usual sources because Marrone Bio is such a small company. I voted with the Board’s recommendations 67% of the time. View Proxy Statement via SEC’s EDGAR system (look for DEF 14A). Continue Reading →

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